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My values, as well as my experiences as a father, educator, and researcher will help me reflect our community’s needs while serving on the LVJUSD School Board.


Being a father is my most important job. My family especially enjoys participating in community events at school and riding our bikes to the library. In order to participate in their education, I have enjoyed volunteering in their classrooms and serving on their school site council committee. During the Covid-19 school dismissal, while working full-time myself, I was my children’s primary care giver, while my wife, who teaches Special Education in the district, taught remotely. I work to model the type of person I hope my two children will become: positive, collaborative, socially aware, and civically engaged.   


I have earned a BA in history, social studies teaching credential, MA in education, and doctorate in educational leadership. I come from a family of educators and have over 17 years of professional experience in education. I have taught high school students, teachers, counselors, principals, non-profits, and community members. Currently, I teach courses in educational research, multi-cultural, and multilingual education as an Associate Professor in Education at CSU Stanislaus. I love the work that I do. I get to work with dedicated in-service educators, research complex educational issues, and collaborate with community stakeholders. It is my dream job.


In my role as an associate professor at CSU Stanislaus, my primary focus is on teaching. However, my role as a researcher has helped shape my educational values. My research focuses on building educational spaces that leverage the assets students bring to school. Most recently, I have worked to understand the experiences of first generation graduate counseling students as they navigate working in high schools. Research is an opportunity for me to understand and take action towards solving pressing educational problems. 

Community Commitment

Education is my passion. I am a Livermore community member wanting to play an active role in our democracy, not a politician. I do not plan to seek any other elected office beyond Livermore School Board, ever

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